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The Big Bang Kings are just like good tastes great as it ages with time. Let's look at some old and recent photos of the kings....
Blast to the past......
BB babies!
Young Big cute
Blast to the future or recent times......
More mature Big Bang

So sexy....

Now individual pictures of the old and new BB kings
Seungri....... Panda
Taeyang. ...Youngbae.....Sol....
Choi Seung-hyun.....T.O.P
Now individual pictures of the old and new BB kings

So what do you think of their transformations?

Comment Below!!

Anyone can comment!

Dae <3 He grew up so well >.<
I think Desung covered his eyes cuz ppl made fun him alot. You know how korea thinks bigger eyes are better. I think his eyes and smile is what makes him so sexy. Seungri ego has definitely gotten bigger over the years. Not a bad thing but he does have confidence. Taeyang has always been a visual for me. TOP is more comfortable with himself and it shows. GD taste in fashion is more posh. I personally love his new hair color.
Seungri seemed to have a softer image when he was younger but I don't think he has changed much really except for growing up and "maturing." Taeyang really hasn't changed except for his hair styles and now he has a girl. Daesung has come from cute manly boy to handsome with a side sexy man. I don't like his hair covering his eyes. I miss them. Top has some pretty intristing looks but in a good way. He really is quite handsome and seems to demand this respect but is really a big softy. and last but not least my Bias. My favorite. G Dragon Oppa. He looks good practically no matter what hair style he is working. Even his clothes I look at some and I'm like really?! 0.o yet he can somehow pull it off. Though I am not a fan of his current hair color or style. ♡☆
TOP went from cute normal to crazy weird while aging gracefully Taeyang went from cute boy (which he can probably still pull off) to mature handsome man GD went from adorable to fabulous Daesung went from cute and lovable to being even more cute and loveable with a hint of sexy added on top Seungri hasn't aged at all but has changed his hairstyle and image making him so much more attractive than before all in all they have aged like fine wine into better versions of themselves
This reminds me a lot of my Big Bang evolution card a couple months ago lol. I love seeing them as they've transitioned into what they are now.
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