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My Bias Group:B1A4
I was suprised that I liked this group so much....they are not my style but after listening to their music and seeing how different they are from other kpop groups, I fell in love!
Jinyoung is the leader and has written many of their songs and produced a large portion of all their albums. I really enjoy the creative freedom that there record label gives them (MW entertainment)! Jinyoung has a unique but amazing voice and he was my first kpop crush~*^^*
CNU has also written many songs for B1A4. He is quite and reserved but is funny and sweet! His voice is soft so you dont hear him much but he is very talented.
Baro is the lead rapper and has a outgoing personality. He has helped write a few songs as well.
Sandeul is the lead singer and ia my favorite in the band. His voice is the most amzing voice and he is extremely talented. He has been on Immortal Songs many times and won several shows. He is very bubbley, happy and has a cute laugh~^^
Finally, Gangchan is the mankee of the group and is cute and goofy.
These are my top 3 song *sorry this post is long!
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