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Yesterday @katiems created an amazing challenge, here, called the #1 Rule Challenge.
Basically, make a card about something you've been struggling with or something that has stood in the way of your happiness before, and share how Kpop helped you out!
Be sure to comment on fellow Kpop Vingle fams stories, and give advice, love, and maybe even a Kpop song or two!
Here's mine:
As you know from a few cards like >>these<< that I had a really rough summer.
I was just generally unhappy, and unable to bring myself out of the horrible mood I was in. Even when my parents came to visit me for a week, I was nasty and rude to them when they didn't deserve it and I honestly only get to see them a few weeks out of every year.
So how did Kpop help me out?

More like, how did Vingle Kpop help me out :D

You guys brighten my day every day and I am so happy that I've become friends with so many of you. You were able to distract me from my bad mood and I could retreat into this awesome world of the kpop fandom and not have any worries about real life stuff.
You guys made me laugh until tears literally streamed down my face, and you're the reason why Vingle is the app I open most on my phone (and draaaaainnnnnssss my data lol)

Thank you for being you guys and for helping me get strong enough to fix my attitude in the real world.

For those suffering with the same gloomy mood, trying to ignore your feelings doesn't work so please reach out to me or really anyone here on Vingle and we can talk about it cause that is really the only thing that helped me. You can bury them for as long as you want but those bad vibes will always be there.

Thank you for being such a rad supportive fandom/family!

I love you guys!

and everyone that wants to do it! tag me in the card so I can reeead it~~~

I've just joined vingle not too long ago. But reading this over, I know how you feel! I wish you to always be happy. Even when you're not at your best you can always talk to us on here! β™₯️
ajdhajjshshwhsh 😝😝 such a cutie pie I wanna give you a big hug 😊😊 awww I love all of you guys and even if you've never talked to me before I'd be glad to talk to any of you about anything!!! whether it's complaining about how perfect your bias is or getting serious about how impossibly perfect they are. I'm kidding. sort of. but I'll seriously be there and yes I know when you're in those gloomy moods you might think that we only offer because we have to but I am 100% sure that all of us will sincerely listen and take our time to try and understand and help you I love you @kpopandkimchi πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ and everyone in the vingle fam making the vingle fam what it is. I'll be making one of these soon!!!
just so you know your one of the people in this community that has made me very happy like I look forward to reading your cards and honestly to me that shows how amazing of a person you are we all have our flaws and downfalls but it's all about looking up and just getting up and being better
@kpopandkimchi your posts always crack me up and makes me happy. Thanks πŸ™‡πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ *big hugs* 😊☺️ Love you all vingle kpop friends. I have more friends on here than in real life. πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Beautiful by Amber β™‘ I picked this song 1. because I always listen to this song when I'm feeling sad, overwhelmed, or what ever. 2. Because through out our struggles in life we need to realize that we are valuable and beautiful despite all the hard time! Staying strong through those hard times and not letting them put us down but use that to improve ourselves to be a better person. I was kinda debating whether to make a card since it says you mentioned me because I didn't know if I was ready to talk about it here.. since I've never talked about this... but then I thought what if someone else was or is going through the same thing I am and I can help. So look forward to my card @kpopandkimchi . I'll tag you in it! :) California Vingle Homie! btw if you ever need anything or your feeling some type of way again don't hesitate and ask me to listen. I'll be all ears. I promise.
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