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I'm not sure how many people saw it, but writing my Top 3 Disney Love Stories card reminded me of just how big a fan I am of the relationship between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. I think @MarySEW and @netchtiBates are right there with me ;) haha. So basically I just wanted to make a card entirely about them, so we can all relive the magic and revel in the badass awesomeness of our favorite movie couple :)
Facing danger together, as usual. Will's puppy face here omg
So close, and yet so far... this scene gets me with the sexual tension EVERY time.
Of course, to remedy the sexual tension, here's them making out, making out, more making out, etc. How are they so sexy and adorable.
Just casually being the best looking couple of all time... I love how Jack Sparrow's creepin' behind them in the last pic haha
That time they decided to get married in the middle of a skirmish with undead pirates... if you like awesomeness, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW <333
I seriously doubt there is any more awesome wedding in the history of film. If there is, somebody show it to me. How can you top getting married in the middle of an insane sword fight by a pirate captain, holding hands while slashing bad guys to bits (WHO HOLDS HANDS WHILE SWORD FIGHTING?!?), and then making out as battle rages all around you?!?!?
Can this be my wedding? Plz help.
Elizabeth's transformation from dainty lady to badass pirate is THE BOMB.
Will Turner, how how HOW are you this sexy right now.
Some tender moments...
ugh, the way they look at each other <3
Elizabeth: "Did you honestly just tell me you don't like my new hat???"
Okay welp, this has been a brief fangirling sesh by me. Sorry for all the feels. Ahem. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
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Omo My Orland Bloom馃槏馃槏馃槏 I wonder what his been up to? I was a huge fan of his...Yes I say was because Now I drool only for my husband #leejungshin 馃槦馃槏馃槏馃槏 (Not really my husband 馃槄) But yeah Orlando Bloom Gosh I use to have so many things with him on it. but then I had my kids and well goodbye mostly everything 馃槶馃槶馃槶 Lol
@nicolejb has put on the pressure. What will @allischaaff do now? Will she still retain her title as the ultimate romantic or will she get demoted to no-so-ultimate romantic. Stay tune and find out
It seems we still have gotten a response from @allischaaff, but the pressure it too real coming from the opposing team of @chrisingularis and nicolejb. Can alli come out as the ultimate romantic or will she crush (that was a romance pun, get it?) under the weight of NOT SEEING THE NOTEBOOK
AHHHHHHHH SO MUCH PRESSURE @nicolejb @ChriSingularis I am so conflicted!!! On one hand, I know if I want to achieve true greatness as the ultimate romantic and ~Vingle Princess of Lurv~, I must fulfill my destiny and see The Notebook!!! On the other hand.... I DON'T WANT TO BAWL MY EYES OUT, YOU GUYS. I KNOW I'M JUST GONNA CRY SO MUCH.
And omg omg @GuerlyReyes right??!?! I am soooo obsessed with his gorgeous face lol. He's a total heartthrob in these movies especially. But google pictures of his body, it's kind of a disappointment >:( hmph. Lol