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I'm from New York and yes I have seen rats do these types of things and had a one about that size run across my foot. Yup, I freaked and did the freak out dance. Lol
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*have found
@dropuenteag93 I would have did some type of spider man crawl in the stall and freaked and probably kicked the door. I do get dramatic when it comes to bugs or anything like that lol
@butterflyblu that is scary, since I moved we get sometimes, stink bugs, large slides and some unknown looking stuff and again I freak out. If it is small enough to kill I will use anything possible, even vacuum it lol
@LAVONYORK Spiders scare me beyond reason. I can't even stay in the room!! Scorpions aren't a lot better, but I can still function enough to get them handled. Not spiders. I need someone to live with me JUST to kill spiders... :'(
Lol @butterflyblu if i can vacuum the spider I would do it from you