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I chose Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail for this week's Most Violent Character! I love this topic because there are a lot of violent anime characters to choose from. Thank you @RosePark!
Gajeel loves to fight and before he enters Fairy Tail he was part of a dark guild and hurts some of the members of Fairy Tail including Levy the girl loves know. But everyone in Fairy Tail are so forgiving and let him join!
He is an Iron Dragon Slayer who loves to eat anything made of iron like bolts for example which can help him gain more strength like Natsu and fire. Gajeel gets really fiesty and doesn't like to lose.
I love this choice because he takes any chance he can to fight, he always wants a taste to fight at every chance he can get it and gets mad when he can't fight. Gajeel loves the feeling of winning! These were my various reasons why he is in my opinion the most violent anime character <3
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@Sunflower18 yeah, and his cat can become people-sized and fight alongside him!
@Sunflower18 Yea and the cat has a cool name like Panther Lily!
Gageel is the coolest and I love his relationship with Levy, but Gageel doesn't always fight. Sometimes he will run from a fight he knows he can't win, but when he runs he runs to train so he can win when the opportunity presents itself again.
Gajeel is my favorite Fairy Tail guy and FT crush! He's so amazing, but when you said he gets mad when he doesn't get to fight I chuckled a little because it seems more like a pout and it's adorable and hilarious! 馃槀 God I love him!
@SarahSutcliff Lol he always argues with Natsu about who gets to fight... He is so adorable when he gets mad 馃槀