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Dude: Don't you want to settle down yet?
Me: Not right now. I am still very young. Besides -- when I think of happiness, I think of traveling, writing, doing what I love, and building my career."
Dude: That sounds like a lonely life to me...

My 27th birthday came faster than I can say, “what the fuck I totally just hit a quarter-life crisis.” It was like it was just yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday, throwing back Brasilian caipirinhas. As I approach closer to 30 (oh god), it’s as if the pressure to settle down is building up.
Why is it that women are pressured to either make a family, OR build their careers?

If men can do both, I can do both.

I want to be a mother, and the money-maker. But first, I just really want to get my shit together.
"Aly, work hard. Get a good job. Travel the world. Don't worry about getting married yet," my old-fashioned abuelita said in her thick Puerto Rican accent. It was the first time I really thought of her as being "modern". But, maybe not even "modern," but maybe she just really understood me.
She stopped asking me if I was dating someone new, a long time ago. I guess she got the point that I was just more of a career/hobby-driven person. I've always thought relationships kinda came last in the list of things (which probably royally fucked up a lot of my relationships).
The list is something like this: 1) School/career things
2) Alone time
3) Family time
4) More alone time
5) Netflix
6) Maybe see boyfriend this weekend?
It's not that I don't want to settle down, but more like I don't want to settle down YET. It can totally be that I just haven't found love yet. Or, I just don't know what that even looks like. Or maybe I just have my mind busy with something else.

All I know is that for right now -- I don't want to settle down.

And...I don't need to explain myself.

@Goey246 exactly!!!! <3
you don't have to do anything until it's something you want to do. focus on your career, it'll make more doors open for you in the future.
Fosho :) Yeah I have Lou but I hate everyone telling me to have kids and get married. It's my life man >_<
There is no set timeline. You like what you like. If something at some point feels like it's missing, I'm sure you'll make it a priority to find it. But until such point if it ain't broke...:-)
AMEN sister! You do you. People don't put unnecessary pressure on 27 year old dudes. It's kind of ridiculous to do the same to women! You go girl! Keep doing what makes you happy. I think the early thirties are a good time think about settling down. Other than that...whatever! right hahaha
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