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The Try Guys Try Kpop!
In a 5 part special series, Eugene introduces the other Try Guys to part of his culture! The first video is out today with promises of the next 4 to come during the week. They begin by showing Keith, Zach, and Ned some of our favorites like EXO's "Call Me Baby", GOT7's "Just Right", Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" and more! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The Guys are perfect in their confusion, questions, love, surprise, and first thoughts of these videos! We've all been there at one point but once you get your first sting of the Kpop, you start to wonder how you ever did without! I plan on posting all the videos to Vingle as they come out!
nice!! Remeber to post 'em!
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I loved this video so much XD I saw it on facebook a couple minutes ago and cracked up
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@NerukaWong I will!
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freakin awsome!
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lol I loved when the one guy was like "Hes not my wife but hes making me feel how my wife my wife makes me feel" about JB lol and get out of her cereal haha
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