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Are you kidding me?! This Cake Ink creation is incredible! While it's available to order online for $285, it's only available (as far as I know) in Australia! The exchange rate from Australia to American dollars makes this a steal at $199 (and some change).
Not only are you getting a handmade sugar statement peony, you're getting 23k gold leaf that's been dripped upon with liquid icing.
Anyone else wishing they could get this Cake Ink masterpiece for their wedding?
Now, obviously, you can find bakers in the US (and elsewhere) to copy this look. It's not like you have to marry in Australia to get it. However, that would be an epic destination wedding, wouldn't it? I am all about packing up and travelling for nuptials. Your friends and family would love it too as they get a vacation out of the deal!
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