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Miyazaki To Create Ghibli-Inspired Park
Hello Vinglers,
Hayao Miyazaki may not be making any more beautiful animated films but that doesn't mean the Ghibli has to stop! He plans to bring his wonderful on-screen animations of nature to life in his new project.
Talk about exciting!!!
Miyazaki is all set to open a nature park named "The Forest Where the Wind Returns" in about two years. He aims for the public park to serve as a playground for children to embrace their senses as they interact with nature. The 10,000 square meters of natural land will be the children's play space instead of manmade playgrounds.
What better way to share the love for Ghibli films and nature, right? Miyazaki has invested $2.5 million on this project and also plans to create a 2-story building with a library and sleeping quarters in addition to the nature park. This Miyazaki project will come to life on Okinawa's Kume Island.
So guys, are you all ready for this catbus trip to Kume Island?
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This is the greatest thing I've heard this week!!!!
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Cool that would be an awesome place to visit!
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Yasyasyas yasyasyasyasyas YAAAsss
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