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Today, I received another copyright claim about one of my YouTube video... The company was claiming audio has their own, the iMovies Trailer theme provided by Apple, free of royalties. This is a false claim, and not the first one I had. It is getting frustrating has the video got blocked worldwide by YouTube. I did filled the fight claim form but still, monetization is still unavailable until the company AvangMusic releases their claim or they do not fight back in the next 30 days. It's not that I'm making a lot with this video but I am at the mercy of AvangMusic for no reason. Last years, I finally won't the claim from another company by tweeting them directly and posting a blog about the issue. It took a few hours and the claim was removed. Let's hope that things will get fixed as I have a few other videos using that soundtrack... I am now tagging my Twitter posts with #stopstealingmyvideos. I hope that YouTube will react and correct the claiming process. Are you also struggling with those copyright holders? If so, leave a comment with their name and how you were able to win, or not... Have a nice day!
This is the video I made that is currently under a false copyright claim. You can recognize that it was made with iMovie for iOS
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This is so incredibly frustrating! I wonder if this is fallback from the recent court case about the issue. The 9th Circuit ruled last week that copyright holders making claims had to consider fair use before doing so. And it sounds like whoever is making this claim isn't doing that at all. I'm sure copyright holders are mad, but that's no reason to take it out on you!
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I wrote a card about the decision! In case you wanted some more info ^_^
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@shannonl5, in this case, it's not even a quarto on of fair use. The audio soundtrack is not even theirs as it is owned by Apple and can be used royalties free as stated by Apple. Someone, somewhere used the same soundtrack using iMovie, and @avangmusic is enforcing a copyright.
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This situation has happened to me at least 6 times in the last 2 years. Material is royalties free but they still claim copyrights on videos created with iMovie
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@patrickballeux that's so ridiculous! They're claiming a copyright on something that isn't even theirs! I wonder if Apple would have anything to say about that?
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