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If you're looking for a natural remedy for bloating and nausea, put down the Pepto-Bismol and try this delicious smoothie!

½ c chamomile or dandelion root tea, cooled
1 c strawberries
1 c pineapple chunks
½ c vanilla yogurt with live and active cultures
1 tsp honey or maple syrup
½ c ice cubes
Pro-Tip: For chronic bloating and gas, take a concentrated version of the active natural ingredients in this smoothie in the form of an herbal supplement that contains bitters and carminatives.
Source: Prevention
I can legit go for a smoothie right now. I just don't want to actually make it lol
YESSS! I can't wait to try this!! :'D
@alywoah Hahaha I feel you girl. Just gotta crack out that blender! @Luci546 Yayyy!! I'm excited to hear what you think!! :D