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I grew up on playing Text Adventures. You know, you type "Go North" and a paragraph shows up telling you that you moved north. It sounds super boring but they're really, really, fun. They taught me how to read and how to read carefully (which is something very different).
So when 9:05 (click to play) landed in my lap (figurative, not literal) I just had to play it. And it's a game that's extremely hard to talk about, though. I mean, I can say it's a text adventure about being late to work. But it's also about something more while being about something that isn't as ominous as that last statement.
So, I strongly recommend you play it. Especially if you're at work. Especially if your job is sitting in an office in front of your computer. If your day is going a little slow, or if you're at home and need to pass the time before you go to sleep.
Click the link and play it in your browser, it'll take maybe 30 to 45 minutes to complete. But it might take a little longer just in case you don't know standard Text Adventure commands (I'll leave a helpful list of tips and hints about the way Text Adventures work in the next block). And after you're done let me know what you think (probably in a private message just so, you know, no spoilers).
@VinMcCarthy, @shannonl5, @buddyesd, @ButterflyBlu, you guys might like this.
In Text Adventures, you essentially have to write out everything you want to do. But there are some commands that are foreign to the game, so here's a short list of simple commands that 9:05 accepts (as well as most Text Adventures). It's also really important to carefully read the descriptions, they let you know if you can go somewhere else or pick something up.
Look at [then you'd type something you want to look at] Pick up [then you'd type what you want to pick up] Drop [if you want to drop something] Open [good for doors, etc.] Go [usually, it's North, South, East, and West. But if the description doesn't tell you there's anything to the east, etc. then you probably can't go that way] Look around [gives you a good idea of the space you are in]
This should help you get through 9:05 fairly quickly. So, finish it quick and shoot me a message. All I want to do is talk about this game!
Ohhh! I love these. I'll play it a little later when I have time. ^.^ Thanks for the tag!
@buddyesd I just played it, and honestly it's really cool. I also really like text adventures so I'm a little biased, but still. @paulisaverage thanks for the tag!
I need to try this :)
This sounds so cool! I'll definitely have to check it out later. Thanks!