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Okay, so @shannonl5 had a prompt going on, where we do a short fanfic. I was tagged by the sneaky sneak @B1A4BTS5ever to participate. So here it is, my prompt is Working at an ER and I meet my bias, who suffers from memory loss.
Bare with me, I don't normally let people see my fanfics, so here it goes:
Warning. It is long, my apologies.
The night started out well, I finally had a night off, after working weeks straight. It was busy, and they needed me, so I worked on my off days to make sure the hospital wasn't short-staffed. I had a date for the first time since forever. We went to dinner, and as soon as we sat down, the hospital's number showed up on my phone. Now don't get me wrong, but I like having free time, but after all, work comes first. I looked up at him, but he was on his phone, so I figured it would not be a problem to reschedule this.
"Danny", I began, "I have to leave, the hospital needs me since they are short staffed tonight. That was the Dr. calling."
"Are you serious right now, you are standing me up?"
"I came didn't I? Technically I did not stand you up if we are here, I just have to cut it short. It's my job, I can't ignore the call. I'm sorry", I said as I stood up.
"Lose my number while you are at it", he replied snarky.
"Happily", I said while walking away.
Never spoke another word to him. I got in my car and luckily I had an extra pair of scrubs in my bag. Gosh, I was really looking forward to being off, but duty calls.
After some time, I arrived at the ER, and I saw ambulances pull in, one after another. I ran across the parking lot in heels, and people just watched like they never saw a clumsy girl run before. I walked past the waiting room, and used my key-card to get through the doors so I could change quickly. The new graveyard shift nurse looked like a mess. I remember those days, not knowing what to do, but I quickly learned my way around, and so will she.
"Aimee! You are here! Thank god, I was worried you weren't going to come in", Leann said while following me.
"Why wouldn't I dear; after all, I am the head nurse. I never ignore work calls, what is going on?" I asked while slipping my scrubs over my dress and changing shoes.
"There was a four car wreck, everyone is alive, but there are a few who are unconscious."
"Do you have the rooms prepared for the patients?"
"Yes we do, luckily we are a little slow, so we have room for them."
"Good, alright let's go."
As we were walking towards the rooms, I stopped by my station and grabbed a few pens and my clipboard to take notes.
The first room we stopped in, I sat my clipboard down to get the patient hooked up to the monitors. I glanced over at him, and I had this weird knot in my stomach. I stopped for a second and focused on him. 'Where have I seen him before? I could swear I know him from somewhere.' I began shaking off the weird thoughts going through my mind.
'Maybe I have seen him around here. No, that can't be it.'
"Leann, what is this patient's name?"
"I can't tell you Nurse Hughes, the paramedics or witnesses haven't told us yet."
"Can you finish this for me? I have to find answers."
"Yes", Leann said as she came over to where I was.
I walked out of the room looking for someone who knew the patient. As I was walking, I decided to walk back to my station since it was across his room. I stopped suddenly thinking, 'There is no way.'
I looked on my wall, and there was a picture of my favorite group hanging. I was in complete shock, and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I hurriedly walked back, and finished helping Leann get Yoseob hooked up. After we finished, my heart sunk at the image of the once happy guy, unconscious right in front of my eyes. I had to fight back tears, but that was one thing I couldn't show. We continued into the other rooms, that the nurses hadn't gotten to yet and began getting them hooked up as well.
All of a sudden, the paramedics came in and gave me the information to each of the patients; it was a race gone sour, and Yoseob was an innocent bystander of the accident. I shook my head due to the overwhelming feelings of fear and sadness. Luckily, I had other nurses there that were attending to the others.
As I was making my rounds, 5 guys ran through the doors. Not knowing who they were I approached them.
"Where is he at?"
"Yoseob! Where is he at?"
"Right this way", I motioned for them to follow me, as I led them into his room. I noticed one get distracted by something, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.
"Is he okay?" One of the guys looked at me.
"We just got the cat-scan back and the doctor is looking it over, he made mention of a concussion and a few contusions. Since he hasn't awoken yet, we don't know if there are any more problems. He is stable, just still unconscious. I'll get the Dr. to come talk to you all. Just give me a few minutes to round him up", I walked out of the door to retrieve him.
I saw the Dr go into the room as I was checking up on the other patients. Nurse Leann was talking to the family.
The night went on and I was exhausted. Hours passed and I went back to check on Yoseob and make sure his vitals were fine. His friends were asleep in the chairs, so I grabbed extra blankets and covered them up. I turned the lights on dim, and closed the door. I went back to the station and rested my head.
Hours had passed and I finally woke up. I checked the clock and I had been asleep for hours. The morning shift nurse laid coffee by my head.
"Long night?"
"Kind of. How are the patients?"
"Good I think. The Dr. wants you to check on the patient across from you."
I stood up to stretch and I rubbed my eyes. I grabbed my clip board and walked into the room. The guys were up and talking among themselves. I bowed my head and continued to take note of his vitals. As I was checking his blood pressure, he started coming to. His friends rushed to his side as I went to grab the doctor. He followed me inside the room and checked Yoseob out. I was standing there quietly while he spoke with him. I was really happy to see him awake, but I knew his friends were happier. It was amazing to see the people he cared for, and whom cared for him; genuine friendship. That is really hard to find these days.
The Dr. checked his eyes, but when I heard 'Who are all of you?' it made my heart hurt for the guys. They looked at each other, with the saddest looks on their face. One of them walked out of the room. I followed.
"Please, I know it is hard, but he needs you right now."
"He doesn't know who we are. How does he not know?"
"The concussion has caused him to have transient global amnesia. It isn't permanent. He is just having a hard time remembering. You just have to be patient with him."
The guy shook his head in agreement, and looked at me.
"So which one is your favorite?"
"I'm sorry?"
"I saw your picture hanging up, we went to get breakfast earlier and saw you sleeping in front of the picture. We stopped and looked, so I am just wondering which one is your favorite?"
I felt my face turn red as I started getting hot in temperature. It was almost as if I was in a sauna.
"Nurse Aimee," I heard through the doors.
I walked back in the room saying, "Yes Dr?"
"I need to talk with you for a minute."
I acknowledged his urgency and followed behind him.
"I know you came in last night, but could you stay another shift?"
Sleep was looking prosperous, but if they needed me, then I would stay.
"Yes, I will stay."
"Great, can you keep close watch on the patient in room 215?"
I shook my head in agreement, and watched him leave.
As I sat back down at the station, I was trying to figure out ways to help the guys in getting Yoseob to remember anything at all. After a few hours of mind boggling ideas, all of a sudden, I decided on a plan. I sprung out my chair and grabbed my picture hanging. I figured if anything could help, hopefully this picture would come in handy. As I was making my way into the room, I noticed an uneasy silence. My stride began to slow down, and I became nervous.
'How is he going to react with a random girl giving him a picture of himself. He is going to think I'm creepy. My god what am I thinking, I need to abort this mission.'
As I was turning around, one of the guys noticed me and called out to me. I stood there hoping that this would not turn into a situation where I would be escorted out of the hospital, and on the search for a new job. I collected my nerves and knocked as I was walking in.
"Can you explain what happened, his memory is fuzzy."
"Yes," I started explaining about the wreck and everything that had happened.
"How long have been unconscious?"
"About 12 hours roughly."
"Why can't I remember anything?"
"It is probably from the head trauma."
He looked at my hand, and noticed the picture I was holding tightly.
"What is that nurse?"
"Ah, do you know who you are?"
He gave me the oddest look and turned to his friends with them laughing.
"Yeah, I think I do."
What no one had bothered to tell me was that he remembered everything. Every, single, thing. He knew who his friends were, and remembered their names. I still thought he had amnesia.
My heart started racing as I stood there clinching the photo, he grabbed it and looked at it.
"Who are these people?"
His question was innocent, so I decided to explain to him who the guys were. It seemed like I talked about everything to him, from his albums, to his different hairstyles over the years. He seemed invested in the conversation which led me into more of a discussion over how they were an amazing group as a whole. Little did I know, he hadn't lost that part of his memory; just how he ended up in the hospital
"So this is me? I am a singer?"
No sooner than he could answer that question, I was pulling out my phone to show him videos of their group. This was not what I had expected meeting my bias, but I was glad I was able to help him regain his memory.
"Who is your favorite out of us?"
Again with the question, that made my stomach do flips. I lightly grabbed my photo and avoided eye contact as much as I could. I walked to the door and said to him, "You are." I simply could not make eye contact, and I was already thinking of ways to put in my resignation letter.
I walked out of the room completely forgetting my phone. Hours had passed and I still could not find it.
The Doctor decided that Yoseob was okay to go home, he just needed to be watched for a few days by friends or family. I grabbed the discharge papers and walked into his room. We met with eye contact, and when he smiled, it was contagious. I smiled back and gave him the instructions to read over and sign, as well as prescriptions the Dr wanted him to have. He signed them and smiled at me. I bowed my head slightly and walked out. I filed the papers and sat down at my station. As they were leaving, Yoseob laid my phone down and smiled.
A new note was in my memo which stated:
Hi, I hope this note doesn't throw you off, but thank you. I know you thought I had complete memory loss, but the fact that you were willing to reveal that you were a fan to help me remember anything, was really kind. I appreciate it, and if you are interested, I would like to get to know you better, outside the whole hospital scenario. I left my number in your phone, contact me anytime.
I closed the memo and a smile appeared across my face...
Thank you @shannonl5 for the prompt, and @B1A4BTS5ever for tagging me..
Sorry it's so long. When I get in a mood, I type. Love you both!! 💖
@Taijiotter thank you dear!! ^~^
@AimeeH welcome
@B1A4BTS5ever thank you dear!! :D ^~^
@AimeeH this is awesome i love it hahaha :D
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