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Travel from Dallas, then to HK, then to Chiang Mai!

sorry the first picture is blurry. That's the big plane I flew on the Hong Kong flight from LA. The dinner on that flight was THE BOMB DIGGITY LEMME TELL YOU. So delicious. is it just me, or does HK look like Jurassic Park? At the HK airport I ate some ramen for dinner/lunch/breakfast/hungry time lol. Then we got to ride this cool trolley thing to a different building and after 65 years of waiting finally boarded the flight to Chiang Mai. THEY GAVE US DIMSUM ON THAT FLIGHT. AND DELICOUS DRAGON FRUIT.

"Fun" day in Thailand.

We arrived to the Royal Lana hotel around midday. No carpets in Thailand. This was our "fun" touristy day. We went to an elephant camp and I got my boobs sniffed by elephants. Then we went to a tiger sanctuary and got to touch tigers. I'm 80% sure that they drugged those tigers or something because they were out of it. Then we went on a bit of a drive to our next destination; our "resort" in the country part of Chiang Mai. Such a pretty place. And the resort restaurant had a kitty that hung out in hopes of food. See how skinny it is?

Next Day: Bible school seminar, Worship practice, and orphanage fun!

On to actual mission work... Lol part of my team's mission there was to lead a seminar at a Bible school they have in Thailand. It's basically a big room but the property it's on is huge. There's even a small dorm. Then we ate lunch at this really pretty restaurant that has lots of interesting plants. The restroom was state-of-the-art as you can see. I was leading worship (aka singing) as my main job there. That picture was taken after lunch at practice. THEN WE GOT YO GO TO THE ORPHANAGE!!!!! I had already been there before the prior year so I already knew everyone. They were so happy to see me again and me to see them! We played with, ate with, and then put on a sperate services for kids and teenagers that night.

Next day: Seminar Day 2, New guitars, Pho, and the Rainforest.

Woke up bright and early and headed to the bible school. All the lily pads were at the resort, so pretty! We got to the school and I led worship again then listened to the lessons that my team put together. At the break, a bunch of the 3rd and 4th year students all got free guitars!! That's a really meaningful gift for them because 90% of them are going to go back to their villages soon and are too poor to buy a guitar. With the guitar, they can sing and lead worship at their village and reach people's hearts through music! Yay!! It was finally lunch time and we went to a local popular noodle stand/restaurant and got to eat Thai pho! it's not as salty/rich in flavor as Viet pho but it was still really good! I ordered mine with flat noodles! across the street from the restaurant was a little shop where all the locals bought their groceries and rice. It was really fun getting to shop around and look at all the merch. We went back to the school and taught English to the first year students, I taught a guy named Chat who was covered in tattoos and only 18. See how he wrote Thai translations under each sentence? We went to dinner at a really cool restaurant called the rainforest. It was so beautiful! It was underneath a big gazebo and the restrooms were so fancy. I ordered an apple smoothie! Then we finally went to bed

Next day: Last day of seminar, Youth night @ orphanage, friends, and drunk guys poll dancing.

I ate breakfast at the resort (garlic pork) and it was freaking delicious. Then we had the last day at the seminar/bible school full of prayer and connectivity with God, it was an awesome intimate experience. I don't have any pictures of it =( Must have been too occupied. We had lunch at that one place with all the cool plants again, then drove off to the orphanage again! That older guy was my van's driver named Moses, he and I were like BFF'S by the end of my trip. The trick to getting close to people on trips like this is just to talk to them and show them attention =). At the orphanage we hung out and played sports with the kids and teenagers again. It was so much fun being with all my friends again, there's no place I'd rather be than with them. The 5th and 6th picture are some of the more little girls who were thrilled to play with my long blonde hair lawlzzzz~~ The 7th picture from left to right is Fa, Pang (pronounced p-ae-ng), and I. Pang and I became really good friends the year before and she's soooo sweet. After that pic are a bunch of the teenage boys that I liked to screw around with and mess with. They remember me from last year and a couple of them liked to message me to practice English. The next one is Mork and I!!!!! Is he not adorable? ?? He is actually older than me and is one of the leaders at the orphanage. He is an engineer student and a great man of God. THEN that night I went to get some water at the resort, so my friend came with me (buddy system) and there was no one there but a group of people who appeared to be friends with the owners and they were DRUUUUUNK. They made my friend and I sing and dance for them and then one of them started humping a pole lol. That guy in the grey shirt (pole humper) then decided to show us his badge and his GUN that he had on him..... turns out he was a police officer. My friend and I were like um let's not die lol so we left and said goodbye after another guy asked me if I wanted to have sex with him in Chinese. (I speak Chinese) Very interesting night...


Ran out of room, part 2 coming soon!! pic one is me with one of the first year students at the bible school. He is the most musically talented person like ever. BEAUTIFUL singing voice, drummer, guitarist, bassist, and pianist. He taught me how to sing part of a worship song in Thai . You probably know this song! "Mak, niben weila numa ska, Mak, biben weila toah Duun-tsai, Mak." "Come, now is the time to worship. Come, now is the time to give your heart, come." Next pic: SAAAAAANNN MY BAAEEEEEE. He rode his bike all the way to the orphanage to give me a gift. omg I could do a whole card about him. Last one: Restaurant with cool plants
Wow what a fantastic journey. I've always wanted to go to Thailand and I'm happy that you did such amazing things.
@nicolejb Omg yes
I never thought there'd be an audience for Christianity (?) in Thailand. I thought Buddhism was the popular religion there.
BTW: love Dim Sum. what’s your favorite one?!
These are such cool pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun ^_^
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