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Block B in the US!!!, Good thing I live in L.A.!!! OMFG GOOD FANGIRL MODE ON MAN!!^~^
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Wait so like I checked how do I order it when it comes out ? I've never been to a concert 😪👍
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@ThyaremyCreator Once they release the tickets they most likely will have a link or something that will make it fairly easy. it's a first for me with SubKulture so i don't know if they'll make us buy it through AXS or something else.
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they prob will make us buy through AXS @BlockBVillains
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Thank you 😊 @BlockBVillains I'm totally going because I don't wanna miss another concert that I want to go to 👏🎤🔖
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same here lol @ThyaremyCreator
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