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so @b1a4bts5ever tagged me for this challenge. You are supposed to share something you struggle with and how kpop helped and also advice for others who might be struggling too.
So i struggle with a lot of things. my biggest battle has been my self image and self worth. I see myself as ugly and i struggle to understand who i am and what my purpose in this life is. i worry about if i am a good person and i worry that i am failing as a wife and a mother. i worry that i am failing God and much more.
I discovered a band and a community that changed my life forever. Infinite has made me remember that I am beautiful and that love is worth fighting for.
I discovered Vingle and this community and it is full of people that are here for me and have gone through a lot of the same things as me. A family of people who genuinely care about eachother, brought together by our love for kpop.
i have fallen in love with more kpop bands and more artists. Kpop is my security blanket. it makes me feel safe. i feel like i found myself when i listen to it and when i watch the videos and see the idols on V. Kpop and Vingle are my home away from home.
my advice to others who struggle. Even the most peppy kpop song can have the deepest meaning. Love who you are and let the music speak to your soul. confide in us here on vingle. we care and are here for you. no matter how petty your problems may seem. lean on your idols for support and support your kpop bands with love and kind wishes.
idk if you guys have been tagged yet but here you are! @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino @nokita @poojas
Thank you Vingle and Kpop for changing my life forever! I love you!
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You are worth everything dear! I am sorry you struggle with believing image and self-worth. Just know you have me, and all your vingle family, anytime to remind you how wonderful and beautiful you are! The music speaking to your soul is what Infinite's talented leader does best with his solo music, so just listen to Sunggyu's solo stuff and bask in his emotion and power. I'm sure you do that all the time as an Inspirit anyway :)
@AimeeH and @baileykayleen thank you both. you guys almost made me cry. your guys support means the world to me.
@SharayahTodd no need to thank me dear! I'll always support you dear!
You. You are completely beautiful. There are no almosts in beautiful, there are no pretty beautiful: there's only beautiful. Doubting self-worth is something I'm not proud to know about, but if there's one thing I want you to know: everybody here on earth has a reason to be here. they have personalities, uniqueness and flaws. No one is perfect, so why try? I rather believe kid shows such as Barney and Clifford rather than listen to the double standards adults set up to us.
Infinite is such an inspiring group - they remind me how hard you need to work if you want to reach your dreams and that nothing is going to be handed to you. Those boys worked SO hard to be where they are now and I hope to be like them one day!