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I find it so cute and hilarious when the members pick on Jimin because of his height especially when Jungkook does it.
"I've eaten 2,130 more bowls of rice!" omg Jimin ahaha
Jungkook and Jimin are friendship goals #jikook
aw poor Jimin getting ignored by the maknae! Jimin I will never ignore you. saranghae <3
Want to see anything specific? please leave a comment? QOTD: Whats your favorite nickname you give your bias or any kpop singer? My Answer: Kookie Monster
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Suga Kookie Monsta. Boom.
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I call P.O Pyo Jihoonie and then Taeil Baby Hyung... I call D.O Oppa...I call Jimin my future husband. I call T.O.P top oppa. I have so many oppas!
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@NerukaWong I love you oml
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I want to watch shows about them so bad
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chim chim ❤
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