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I made the mistake of walking away from my washer and dryer between loads... I have a little latch and lock on the doors to my laundry area in my house - because a certain house leopard (Zephyr) will open them and bat all the coat hangers (hanging on a rack above the dryer) down behind the dryer to play with them. I left those doors open and stepped away for about a minute and when I came back, my black Maine Coon, Fafoutis (Greek for "Toothless") was sitting in the dryer, chillin' out.
I think originally he thought it'd be a warm, comfy place to take a nap. But then he realized it's like the most perfect place to ambush his brother and sisters from as they walk by. So he crouched down low and sat waiting.
After a few minutes no one wondered by; it is after all - nap time... so he got bored and climbed out. But not before I shot about 50 photos of him. :D
Shot with my Nikon D4s and two different lenses -
1) Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8D IF ED 2) Nikon AF 50mm f/1.4D ED
all of my cats were named for Greek Gods... Aisa and Nona are the Roman names for two (of the three) Goddesses known as "The Fates". Zephyr is one of the Anemoi ( Gods of the wind)... specifically the West Wind. And jet black, golden eyed Fafoutis totally reminded me of "Toothless" from "How to Train Your Dragon"... but to me naming him "Toothless" would have been obvious and unoriginal. So in keeping with the Greek theme I asked one of my best friends (who is Greek and speaks both modern and ancient Greek) how you'd say "toothless" in Greek. His name is pronounced "Fah-foh-teez" In all honesty most of the time I call him "The Night Fury". A close second for names was "Toruk" from "Avatar"... the Last Shadow. He's invisible at night and he's lethal in his hunting accuracy. Honestly "Fafoutis" really fits him.
omg omg omg SO MUCH CUTE!!!
Actually not as much as you would think. I'm a big fan of art history, I have a Minor in Art History, and Hellenic Greece was a fascinating place. I think I really have more of an objection to cat names like "Fluffy" or "Snowball" or any number of silly names people give cats. I figure in Alexander the Great had been a cat might his name have been "Patches" or something infantile like that? I guess I wanted my "kids" to have names that denoted a certain grandeur... I mean they are cats of destiny. Haha!
So it's safe to say you're really into mythology? That's cool actually. Greek mythology was one of my favorite things to learn about in school
Fafoutis is a bizarrely special name for a cat, sir.
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