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I've taken them to cat psychologists - behavior specialists - even and voodoo priestess (what a waste of money that was - she lived in an old abandoned school bus in the woods) - and it doesn't matter. They see a camera and they start twerking and sticking out their tongues.
The tongue thing is pretty annoying. But cat twerking is the worst. It's just so "trying too hard" sad... you know? And the way they lay there watchin' each other twerkin' - it's just wrong. All of it. Thanks Miley - you've totally been a bad role model for my cats.
Seriously, stop letting your cats watch Miley Cyrus videos before it's too late.
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LOL that was great. Poor Kitties and their bad influences...
I second @danidee's comment!
This is amazing.
Thanks everyone... Cat therapy is going well. But even with intensive therapy and restricting their access to TV, cell phones, computers, etc... The "de-programming" of their minds is slow-going and costly. Damn her - Miley is just so difficult to exorcise from an impressionable young cat's mind once she gets her tongue wagging, booty-shaking, mysteriously charmed 420 lovin' talons into the grey matter between their ears. It is, I fear, like the great Kardashian epidemic of the past few years - a disease for which there appears to be no cure.