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Me And Love? Love-Hate relationship.

Sooooooo.......Love? I'M SERIOUSLY TOO YOUNG TO BE THINKING ABOUT IT!! WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?! My complicated.....but...I have to tell the truth. Because somebody *cough cough Kirozi cough cough* is gonna snitch on me. AGAIN.
My ex? Is legit.
What I think?
My relationship right now? Truth. So! Thank @poojas for making me think of the scarring journey *looks at you* and have a goood night!
@poojas haha, you should probably know who the guy is...or do you? *raises eyebrow*
@danidee Its a struggle every fangirl knows once in her life
Omg that last gif. I feel like I know that feel so hard.
haha, are we having like a Jungkook eyebrow phase war? *raises both eyebrows*
*raises eyebrows back*
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