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Oh Got7.. Killing us as usual
This comeback is going to be intense!! I'm so excited guys because these teaser photos are so hottttt!!!!! Oh Jackson too hot! Still loving the hair color and his lips❤
JB (my bias) looks as beautiful as ever! That hair! And his piercings!! XD XD am I the only one that thinks they look hot?... I wish more guys had them.-.
Mark.. Just look at him. Enough said
Bambam! Yesssss! This little cutie is looking hella fine
Junior he looks so depressed in this picture.. Let's all gather and give him a hug.. And never let him go. And use him as bait to capture the others ^_^
Damn! So smoking! I feel the heat from over here! Help! I'm burninghow can you do this to me Youngjae! .-.
Ok... Can we STOP and admire how sexy Yunyeom looks! I mean he was ok looking to me before but this is like a whole new level! This whole comeback is killing me sooo damn SEXY!!! I'm so ready ❤✌
Yugyeom in his teaser tho... His acting and his eyes were so intense! I mean, my bias was 😵😵😵. I love the photo of Youngjae! He is just getting so handsome. Also I am with you JB's piercing. 딱 좋아!!!!
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@baileykayleen Yesssss I agree!! Ok good lol I'm not the only one XD
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