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In this day and age, hair care is very important. Some people don't have naturally soft and healthy hair. Here are a few masks to help soften your hair up a bit!
This one is pretty explanatory. It hydrates your hair and makes it shine. Make sure too wash it out plenty so the oil doesn't make your hair greasy.
Coconut is used in a bunch of hair and skin products. It makes your skin and hair softer and smoother. And of course, honey makes it shine. Strawberries also provide a shining effect. They're not only good for eating!
MAYONNAISE? Mayo is used for more than just softening the hair. When I got lice one time, to avoid shaving my head, I scrubbed some mayo into my hair. It suffocated the lice. Basically, mayo kills anything bad, and keeps the good stuff.
What are some things you've put into your hair to soften it? Personally, I have naturally soft hair, but that doesn't stop me from using masks on it! Disclaimer: I don't own any photos on this card.
Mayonnaise?!? That's a funny one! I wouldn't have thought haha but that's awesome it worked. The honey oil one sounds sooo nice. My hair could use some softening :)
@alywoah It shouldn't be if you wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Also, the mixture of the other ingredients kind of "tames" the honey so to speak.
Is it hard to take off the honey???