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I'm on mobile so I can't copy the rules of the challenge but you can find the original over at @katiems profile! I got tagged in a few other cards, so let's do this!
BE HAPPY No matter what others say to you, what others do to you or what others want from you; find your happiness. Do what makes YOU happy because in the end, it's about you, not anyone else.
Let's get right into it. Kpop means more to me than people think it does. A lot think it's just some obsession or I only like it cause the guys are hot (its a perk). I love music, my favorite is actually classical, and I don't usually listen to the words. Beats are my thing, I want to feel the music more than anything. But not long after I had my son some things I had long forgotten about came back and it really scared me.
Growing up, we just kind of toughed through our problems and got over them. As a result from that I never told anyone that something was wrong with my head. I've needed to see a doctor for years and I finally am in November. After having son, my stress started growing. I discovered kpop in September of last year but it wasn't something I was really into. With my stress growing, I started seeing things again and it was small at first. Something I easily dismissed. The beginning of this year, it got really bad. I was seeing things, people and animals that weren't there. I became terrified to even get out of bed some days. I was asking people about animals that weren't there and getting strange looks. Recently I even jerked my son out of my room because I saw something, it could have hurt him. Then I really discovered my love for kpop. Learning the words, bringing my focus to something I didn't understand brought me from a dark place.
I was watching videos and really laughing again, I wasn't filled with dread every morning anymore. I fell in love with the community that was kpop, the beats and words of their music. The dances had me wanting to move again. Now on days when I have an episode, I turn to kpop and the community. I focus on the words of my favorite groups and try to understand them because it brings me somewhere else. I'm not focused on whats not there, what's making me upset. I'm only looking at what makes me happy now, listening to what brings me a smile.
So thank you kpop, thank you my vingle family. You make me smile on days I don't want to. @VixenViVi @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @jiggzy19
awww that was really deep😭😭😭 in tears I am glad kpop is helping you it helps so many other people to it is really something to hold on toπŸ˜‚ FIGHTING!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Emealia This was so deep. I'm glad you found kpop. It really makes everything better! I'm rooting for you! Fighting!
\(^-^)/ *hugs* We love and care about you so freakin much! Yup! All 37,476 of us! We are here for you! ( T_T)οΌΌ(^-^ ) So don't think for one second that you are alone in this k?! Stay strong chingu! <3 μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš”~
Thank you everyone Got me over here tearing up at 2am XD
Whoa, you're definitely fighting a battle I have never had to deal with, but it sounds like you're winning! Keep it up mama, you're STRONG!
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