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Thank you for the tag!! @RosePark ^^ This character gave me some chills because he was cold hearted and brutal to his victims and he is....
Alucard from Hellsing!! Yes this character is cool and has his awesome moments! ^^
At first, I thought he was mean and cruel but I'm reality he's mean, cruel, but actually kind of cares about some situations ( well that's my opinion anyway). xD
I have to admit though he is pretty intense (but awesome) and his confidence makes him an admirable killer (sounds bad(I know)). Hahaha (≧∇≦)/ If I ever become a secret agent, I'll learn my tactics from him O(≧∇≦)O (just a metaphor by the way) ~(^◇^)/
This is funny by the way xD hahah "Keep going" hopefully I did well since the Vinglers are the judges!!
@poojas hey Im a "friendly" vampire im not scary T.T heehee @RaquelArredondo Well you picked my father so great job xD
@RosePark ...you're gonna scare away people if you keep saying it LMAO
This is my father (Im a korean vampire if you didnt know) Great card! Love it xD
Alucard is badass!! He had a midly caring side ....somewhere lol.
@RosePark hahaha that sounds awesome (Korean vampire) cx and thanks I thought about this all day hahaha but I knew he was the one xD
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