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I was tagged by the lovely @exoexo so i definitely wanted to do this . basically you talk about how kpop helped you through something
So basically pretty much all of my life literally from elementary to maybe 11th grade I was bullied 24/7. kids in elementary school would make fun of my voice , my name they would call me gorilla(im Hispanic so us spanish fokes can be hairy sometimes lol) they called me a man etc. And of course i was in elementary school so i would just pretend it didnt get to me . Then literally my whole life at every school i went to until i started goig to school in NYC half of my 11th grade year i was always know as the fat/ugly sister people would legitimately tell/ask me to my face , what happened to me , why am i fat and ugly but my sisters are hot , or oh definitely cant tell yall are related because your ugly and they arent which made me go from the super confident person i was who could talk to anyone and everyone to the most shy person ever who stayed to her self.And it kinda sucks because when i would meet new people it takes me weeks sometimes months just to be comfortable around them because im scared of them judging me.
Dont want to make this too long but basically since i had to deal with that my whole life i am extremely self conscious, it got so bad to the point where i barely left my house because i was so scared of what people would think of me. Then one day i was on YouTube and found Exo videos(exo was love at first sight for me) and Okasian and the cohorts videos, then through them found zion.t and that was the first time i actually found music that made me feel at ease then slowly i was introduced to more music while searching for more and my search brought me to Bigbang.
And seriously after hearing there music and hearing GD i found happiness all kpop music makes me extremely happy and helped me gain so much more confidence but the three people/groups that change my mood in an instant are GD , Exo and rap monster. Since i started listening to kpop my confidence has gone way up , i can actually go out and not care what people think , yeah im still self conscious but definitely not bad like before and it gets better everyday , especially when i wear my kpop merch out i feel like i can take on the world
And kpop helped me find this app where i can not only express myself freely but i can share my love of kpop with a lot of amazing people.Its seriously like one big family and i love it especially since none of my friends like kpop , i get to talk to lovely people and i wouldnt change any of it . Im so much happier now thanks to kpop :)
@Marilovexoxo I hate bullying so much! Some of the nicest people are the ones who suffer from it. It makes me so sad to read these posts because I feel so close to all of you. It makes me want to find you all and give you a hug! I'm so glad we have kpop and each other, so that we can work through anything together. We've got your back! ❤
why hello my fellow VIP ^_^ I love GD too and I'm even lucky enough 2 go see them in concert in October~!!!!! I'm a chubby latina too but I never let anyone bully me and if they did I'd either ignore them or shut them down. I think it has 2 do with the people that surround you but honestly music has been my savior. Kpop got me through so much. All I can say to you my friend is FIGHTING~!!!!! Stay strong. You are not alone ❤❤❤
First of all *hugs Latina sister* Secondly you're such a sweetheart and @Exoexo is right that some of the nicest people get bullied the worst. I can relate as I've always been short and chubby most of my life. I was teased at school and home, even by my mother. FYI, when I see you in a few weeks, expect a real hug from me because I give them good! <3
@Exoexo @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi Thank you guys♡ im happy i have all of you here, it really means a lot♥
I was pretty insecure too, though I was never really bullied like that :( Sorry you had to go through it but I'm so glad you were able to find something that would not only bring you to us (wooooo) but bring you happiness^^
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