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The last 5 minutes of Age of Ultron were a game-changer

Okay, not really. We all know that when Civil War comes around, none of these people are going to be fighting on the same team. But can we all imagine just how cool this lineup would be? Rhodey aka War Machine, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch, The Vision, Same Wilson aka The Falcon, led by Captain America and Black Widow. So cool!

You said it Adele.

Since we probably won't see this team in action too much before Civil War rips them apart, let's just take a few moments to imagine what could have been, and vote on our favorites!

War Machine (Colonel Rhodes)

Dealt with Tony Stark forever, so he probably has the patience of a saint. Not to mention the really cool suit he's rocking.

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

"She's weird" doesn't quite cover it. We don't totally know what that magic stuff is about, but we like it. And she's probably bilingual! Always handy.

The Vision

We know he can pick up Thor's hammer, so he's a good egg. More worthy than an elevator anyway.

The Falcon (Sam Wilson)

Do you know how cool pararescue people are? They're pretty darn incredible. They're the people that haul you back to safety when everything goes FUBAR. They rock. And Sam Wilson is one of those people.

Yes, I know we love them all.

But isn't there someone on the team you love just a *little* bit more? Comment below to share your favorite!
Scarlet Witch!
the Witch for me
I love them all so much, bit if I had to choose my favorite it would be the Vision. He is just a complete game changer and he truly understands life and the way the other avengers think. Even though he was "born yesterday" he has a proper grasp of society and the way the world works and I really love that about him. He is the reality that the team needs xD
Falcon for me!
@BleuRayRayHo yesss more Falcon love! @VixenViVi @Starbell808 hashtag TeamWitch lol
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