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안녕하세요! 나옐리예요! Hi everyone! I would like to start my vingle experience by introducing myself a bit. I'm Nallely, pronounced Nayeli. 멕시코 사람이에여. 미국 사람이에요! I am Mexican, but grew up in America. I am bilingual, and currently learning Mandarin chinese, and Korean. More emphasis on Korean for now though! I am a full time college student, working towards a masters degree in Architecture! I am 20 years old, soon 21! (Not really excited) I have grown up learning two languages and two cultures. I remember around my elementary days I disliked, hated, my culture. My roots were my enemy. I remember others teasing and trash talking the other part of me, which led to my deep hatred of Mexico and Mexican culture. It took me years before I finally embraced it, and I am still learning to love it. Anyways growing up within two different cultures has helped me be aware and be more open to other cultures and languages. I love languages, and learning about different countries. I know how beneficial it is, and I am so grateful my parents never gave up on teaching my brother and I spanish. (Sorry for rambling!) So~ I won't annoy anyone, but I hope that gives you guys an insight to who I am! Later I'll make another post of how I stumbled upon Kpop & Korean culture! Thank you so much for your time! Have a wonderful day everyone! Besos ♡ 나옐리
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So cute love you nelly ♡
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동생! Welcome ♡
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언니 ♡ 고마워요 ♡
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