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"Please do it for me" Let's support King Seungri
This has English Subtitles however idk about the quality. I apologize in advance of it is poorly made.
Sorry if this card is not the best. I tired uploading it 4 times and vingle blocked me. @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @Tigerlily84 @JohnEvans @AimeeH @Ambie @VIPforever123 @Roxy1903
@amobigbang I know so cute 😌
Oh lol. i must have skipped that part. he's too funny
@amobigbang lol no the girl that requested him said that he was her bias, but the other girl Co worker that was just their was like I like daesung and he was like oh my bro and your 2nd fav from bb and she was like TOP and was like fine 3rd and she said GD. And was like ok fine you don't get any of the food I brought and let's not be her friend (jokingly of course)
@amobigbang I just watched it with subs on the V app! They are up now I suppose! It was hilarious especially when he asks the Co worker her fav bb members XD poor panda his my 2nd fav
thanks @VixenViVi
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