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I know I have barely started my youtube channel but I plan on starting a second one where I put up reviews of different apps and this gives you the chance of knowing what you are downloading and let's you not worry about what it is. Why? am I doing this well because I always want to download apps and I just don't seem to know enough about the app or what it can do and this channel will help you get a head start at it @VinMcCarthy @mattk95 what do you guys think
haha oh my goodness this is so true. But sometimes the snacks betray you! I was snacking on a tomato once and it exploded all over my boss... as for a second channel it's a cool idea? I think it depends on the apps probably
It might be cool? but it also sounds like you'd be putting a lot on your plate at once, trying to balance two channels about different things. maybe just post a couple videos of app reviews on your current channel?
ah, my life in a nutshell
That would be rad. You should start with a Vingle app review and shout us out jussayin lol.
@VinMcCarthy I think people might want me to do it I'm getting plenty of likes and clips so maybe they want it or there just liking it to be nice.