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We've seen the Sexy Firefighter and the Sexy Doctor. We've even seen the Sexy Minion. But did we expect the latest sexy costume to hit the market would be Sexy Donald Trump?

No, probably not.

Meet Donna T. Rumpshaker. Dressed up in her executive necktie, perfectly off-kilter wig, and 'Make America Great.' baseball cap, she's like the $70 Spring Break edition of the (kinda racist) billionaire we've all grown to love hating.
And did I mention there's booty shorts? (Because of course there is!)

How does Donald feel about it?

Now, now, Donnie. Don't be jealous. You'd look that good in short-shorts too if you kept up on your squats.

So what do YOU guys think? Do you think Sexy Trump will be a flop or a hit this Halloween? And would you (or anyone else you know) dare to wear it?

Let me know below!
there is nothing sexy about Trump. ugh, why is this a thing?
This is very disturbing....I would never want to meet a girl who's in a Donald Trump costume at a Halloween party.
this costume is dumb as hell but I do appreciate the use of rumpshaker
And she sure isn't "sexy"
I think this is hysterical. However, I'd say this is far more tame than your standard Halloween "sexy" variety.
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