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So i was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to do how kpop has helped me through something. To me it was nothing big but i have always been a shy person and never had many friends. I came across kpop by accident but instantly fell in love. At first it was just the music I loved but then I found a whole world connected to and dedicated to that music and those artists. Whenever I was lonely or had a bad day I would turn on my favorite song at the time which was Neverland by ukiss and it would let me escape reality for a bit. When i actually started to learn about the artists and all they do I fell more in love and they actually push me to do my best. If they can handle all their responsiblities as celebrites and regular people I could get through a math test. It was also nice to have something different and new from my friends that they couldnt understand the feelings I had and although I wish I had someone to talk about kpop now it is still something I use as an escape and has made my life happier and better since I found it.
I love Neverland! That was the first Ukiss song I ever heard! I was super shy before kpop too. It's really helped me out of my shell and always makes me happy on bad days. Thank you for sharing your story!
Best UKISS song tbh! I'm glad Kpop inspires you :D