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I like thinking about video games. A lot. And after a couple of hours, I start thinking about video game-to-movie adaptations. And never have I ever thought about an Angry Birds movie. I mean, I've thought about movies. And one time I thought about Angry Birds. But never at the same time.
I think a couple of months ago, someone told me that an Angry Birds movie was being made and I'm pretty sure I laughed at him while I was kicking him in the shins. Because who would make a movie about birds that aren't even really birds being flung at pigs that aren't really pigs? Not anyone in this universe, right?
But I'm apparently wrong. And I don't even know what this movie will be about. I mean, from what I remember through the mobile game, I think the green pigs show up and then the birds aren't too keen on them (for good reason, green pigs are gross) and then you fling the red bird at the pig houses and that's it. Well maybe that's not all of it, you do have to get the stars on the level so your nephew still thinks you're good at video games. So, you know, your life has boiled down to impressing a 9-year-old.
I don't know how you can make a movie about that. I mean, that doesn't even really sound like an Angry Birds movie. It sounds like a "sad guy trying to be cool to his nephew" movie. But I'll check out the trailer [below] anyway.
Fuck. God. Damn it. I'm going to watch this movie... and enjoy it.
The Angry Birds movie will be in theaters sometime in 2016.
I'm. Gonna. Watch. That. Movie!!!
I feel the same way lol
@wllmvns @TessStevens @TerrecaRiley @nicolejb i know right? i personally did not want to like this movie. but it looks so good and yes josh gad forever
THIS LOOKS SO FREAKING GOOD. also, Josh Gad has the perfect voice for animation and I’m excited to hear him in this movie