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Thanks to the beautiful @jordanhamilton for tagging me in her All About Love GIF challenge!! I've really been enjoying reading everybody else's cards :)
Check out three of my favorites below:
Now, it's my turn!!

When you think about love, what immediately comes to mind?

♫ "What is love? Baby don't hurt me..." ♫

Have you ever been in love?

In this economy? Please.

One word to describe your ex [or one gif].

There were NO fireworks.
Why did I date him again? ...His personality? Ugh. Overrated.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Unhealthy obsession with butts is my middle name.

What is your current dating situation?

Single and minglin' ;) that's how I do my best work, yo.

So there's my love life in 5 gifs!! Now it's your turn~

@allischaaff haha cute. So do I just answer the questions using GIFs?
I like your minglin' face! haha that’s exactly the face I like to do too!
You're totally not alone. And you're totally not weird. Butts are important. @allischaaff
Yes exactly @DaniVO!! :D @RobertMarsh @RaquelArredondo here are my pro tips for finding GIFs XD i think they'll help you. So go to google image search and type in what you want to find as usual, but near the top (next to web, images, videos, news, more) click "Search tools". Then under "Type," select Animated! Then everything in your results will be gifs, and you can add them on vingle just like you add a pic by clicking the paper clip thinger and copy-pasting the link :) that's how i do it anyway haha. Or you can also use a site like Giphy to find gifs too!!
Oh, yes! Butts are my thing too haha.
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