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i was tagged thank you. um my story isn't dramatic or inspirational or anything. my life i live it for two little girls who are the world to me.
sooooo when i was twelve my family and i found out my teen sister was having a baby. But she kept it a secret until 6-7 months. when she gave birth my entire world changed. in order for her to graduate and support her child she needed someone to watch her child. heres where i come in. every day after school id have to come home and take care of an infant all day every day. i had to drop out of high school for a year to help raise my niece. i graduated though. so for eleven years i have been taking care of my niece plus she had another baby in 2014 so nieces every day of my life. Iv tried hanging out with friends doesn't work so i dont have friends anymore. I've tried dating its impossible i have no time. from 8am-4pm i babysit then from 5-10pm i go to work. iv tried telling her no i wont watch your children anymore. that doesn't work because its my responsibility iv been kicked out for even trying. i finally got a job just to get away for a couple hours but it can only be a part time night job. and i dont get paid to watch my nieces. so my entire life is two little girls who depend on me. im almost 24 and iv literally have done nothing with my life... kpop inspires me it brings color to my grey world. i have fallen in love with it. kpop gives me hope. hope that i can save up and runaway to korea someday. just waiting for my newest niece to grow old enough to go to school then im leaving. going traveling. maybe even falling in love ^-^ couple more years then ill have a life lol. oh and my brother is having a baby soon as well i almost cried half happy half horrified X)
to my vingle family meaning all of you. you keep me going. im always checking to see what everyone has posted i may not comment allot but thats just because i really dont know how to chit-chat. but i love you all just know that ^-^ ❀❀
@Exoexo @RochelleDiamond @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH aww thank you ^-^ I really hope so
You're such a good sister and aunt! That is so sweet of you to give up so much for them. Your time will come and I'm sure you'll be blessed with something great!
Good luck! I really hope for you to travel! It sounds like it will be a good experience!
Your story is totally inspiring 😊! I hope you get to live for yourself some day soon. I'll cheer for you πŸ˜†. HWAITING πŸ˜„πŸ˜™βœŠ
Wow that sounds incredibly rough but I believe in you! and I'm sure you're going to be a really awesome person for your nieces to look up to!
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