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Hello Vinglers! It has been a while, again. In all honesty I don't have as much time as I had before to go out and take wonderful pictures of this city I live in. There have been so many opportunities and every missed one I kick myself for not whipping out my camera. I kind of sort of maybe ok a little more than a little miss posting regularly. Taking photos and posting them made me appreciate Manhattan– seeing how much you enjoy them reminds me to be thankful of where I am and how it can make others happy! Cliché but forgive me. The second half of the school year has jump started with lots of work in all areas, interning again, and awful weather. Like, terrible. It has been freezing and raining regularly and now it is expected to snow a good two feet. I hate trudging through the city in black-stained snow. Snow fall is so much more pretty in the suburbs! We have already had a few short snowfalls, as you can see in this photo. On the day I snapped this photo, I was having a terrible day with rude receptionists and crazy paperwork, and while I sat eating lunch (alone, which didn't help) I saw this view which I could not resist taking a photo of. Ain't it puuurttyy? I hope you enjoy :) And thank you all for following this collection, it motivates me to keep updating it! Happy February Vinglers! Ooh and Happy Valentine's Day... I have a super hot date with my economics and math textbooks. Romantic, I know. Follow me on instagram: _sabeenm Follow my blog: