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Honestly sometimes I don't know myself. It's kinda bizarre. L A Von York is pretty much my alter ego. It was created 8 years ago and I will get into the story of my rise, her rise and of course the falls. This Vingle entry is for me to to look and reflect and also for anyone who reads it to get a better Idea of who L A Von York is.
I am from New York City, Queens closer to Long Island. New York City itself is overwhelming and can bring down a lot of stress on you. Between the busy commutes, the rude people rushing, the drunk guy on the train or the guy who pulls out his junk infront of you (yes, that has happened to me a few times smh) I did go to college and received my BA from there and only was able to take one master degree course ( college cost). I worked in retail in college and kept on with my volunteer NYPD officer work from high school, until one became too much. Sorry, NYPD at the time I wanted to party with my friends.
I had my fun dated horrible people and made good friends (btw the guy in the photo, good friend I think it has been at least 13 years lol) Real life set in after college, I got my real job with my really benefits and a 401k and all that jazz. If you read my go fund me page it pretty much tells tells you what happened next https://www.gofundme.com/x6q8nk L A Von York was born because too many questions came with what happened. I hid and just wanted to he left alone so I can figure out Wtf is going on with me.
This happened, and went on for 8 years. Fsgs end stage renal failure. No one understood me but him, my guy that has been with me for the past ten years! He stood strong when I could not. People ask why we are not married and now I will say it, I am afraid I am going to die because a kidney transplant is a temporary fix, I still have FSGS.
With a jump and not much, he came with me to PA where we currently live. Every transplant center in NY gave me at least a 12 year wait. In PA they gave me 4 years with my 4 years transfered time from NY. I'm a hard match period, between my blood type and the fsgs I was a pain. But finally June 8th this year, it was my time. I was scared as hell (and still am).
This is me at the moment... I have wrote other cards about my recovery and the stress it has added to me. I left new york, I left stress. New York can be that dead beat you want to get rid of or that monkey on your back. But a #secondchance has came with the transplant however, I was not completely ready for this
And the side effects they don't tell you and I had to look up and find out on my own. To be continued.... There is a fun von York too lol
And I am still learning and improving....
@lavonyork you are a goddamn inspiration. honestly. I don't think I could go through the struggles that you've had to with the courage that you have. I'm so happy that you have someone beside you to help you through it, and I'm glad you've found a place where you're not so stressed as you were. I personally love New York - born and raised - but I know that it can be wild stressful and wear on your soul after a time. keep on fightin, yo. you're an amazing person.
@LAVONYORK I'm so glad you're still fighting! I can't imagine how difficult this has been for you to go through. You're so tough. I'm glad you didn't have to go through that all by yourself and it sounds like you're coming out the other side. Stay strong <3
Thank you very much @tessstevens. It has been rough but I try my best every day. I fight and advocate for myself and I try to help others if i can on the way. No one should be alone and fight anything by themselves. @butterflyblu is a wonderful gem. She has been keeping up on my recovery since I just got out the hospital Saturday for 4 blood clots in my left leg and a "raging infection" with a side of a white blood cell count that did not really want to be around. She has been wonderful, along with a few other Vinglers @shannonl5 @vinmccarty. I actually just want people to know. I had friends that had no idea I been sick and waiting for a kidney for 8 years. I hid everything, not because I was embarrassed but because I was scared they would run because a lot of people just can't handle this type of stuff. Now, we are older. I'm the baby of my friends at 31, they can emphasize and understand how something like this can truly break down a person. And not just me my boyfriend as well.
First of all congratulations on your recovery! This was a really intimate look into your life and I'm so happy that you have found Vingle to be a place capable of holding your personal struggle. Its so impressive to me how resilient you've been and I can only hope that you regard yourself as highly as I think you should! I'm looking forward to hearing more and want to thank you for putting your story out there... it's very inspiring! @ButterflyBlu this would be a good read for you, another wonderful and fearless vingler!
@TessStevens, thank you for tagging me to @LAVONYORK's card. If I didn't already know and adore Miss Lydia, I'd sure as hell want to. <3 Lydia, girl, I've told you before and I'll tell you again, you are just an amazing person. I'm blown away by how much you've lived through already and how positive and upbeat you manage to stay. Yeah I know we've talked about those crappy days, and we both have them. But you're the one that's staying bright and shining through it all - and usually making Me laugh and feel better!! <3 <3 <3 Side note: next week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I have been tasked to write about it: my experiences, awareness, memes, etc. One of the specific tasks is a 30 questions type deal that you answer and post. I have found one more person to do the 30Q thing. How would you feel if I tagged you in that, as well. Feel free to say no if you don't want to! I'll tell you more in a message later... K? *Hugs* later, gorgeous. ^.^
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