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What happened with the pronunciation of Korean numbers =))))))))
Source: Instiz
1 = hana
2 = do gay
3 = say gay
4 = nay gay
5 = daseot gay (That's so gay)
6 = yeoseot gay (You're so gay)
10 = you're gay
11 = you're hot gay

개 = kae or gae (K or G is ㄱ and ㅐ as /æ/ ).

Ex: That's why DBSK is sometimes called DBSG :D
And If you want to say K (in that word it CAN'T be G, use ㅋ). Ex: Micky Yoochun => it has to be 믹유천 because CAN'T read it Micgy Yoochun
I KEEP LAUGHING after reading this =)))))
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As a Korean I know this book is just wrong...but its still funny though
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i JUST saw this on FB lol @carolinacastane
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