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Answer these few simple questions to find out!
This is by no means a definitive guide, but it'll help you figure out what party you belong to, or if you fall in the middle.
It's just for fun, but might be able to point you in the right direction as far as learning more.

1. How do you feel about the environment?

a. There needs to be more protection for it!
b. I think the regulations are sufficient for now.
c. I think the regulations in place are way too strict. People need to lay off

2. Should the government go into deeper debt in order to help people in need?

a. Absolutely, our people are the most important thing about our country.
b. We have to strike a balance between the need for hand outs and our debt.
c. People should work for what they have, no exceptions. We should empower those who need it, but we can't go into further debt to do so.

3. How do you feel about immigration?

a. Everyone is welcome in the U.S.
b. There must be an easy channel for people to enter the states, but people should obey the law.
c. Immigrants cause problems, they also do not have the right to break our laws.

4. What are your moral values?

a. I consider myself open to all religions
b. I subscribe to a specific religion but don't find any value in putting others' down.
c. I believe in God and want everyone else to as well.

5. What do you think about business regulations?

a. Businesses need to be watched more closely, it's not fair that they are getting away with so much.
b. I'm not sure I'm qualified to make a generalization about all businesses, but I know some are good and others are bad.
c. Businesses are meant to flourish in the United States. It's called capitalism, free enterprise.

6. How do you feel about LGBT rights?

a. All people should do as they please, and that includes LGBT citizens. We're all in it together.
b. I think it's none of my business since I am not apart of that community.
c. They go against my beliefs.

7. How do you feel about government programs like welfare and medicare?

a. They are a great part of the country and help many people.
b. They are necessary but are in need of reform.
c. They give handouts to people and make citizens who should be working for themselves, lazy. These programs cost people money.

8. Do you feel it's necessary to advocate for minorities?

a. Absolutely, everyone deserves respect and equal rights.
b. Yes, within reason, I prefer groups to speak on their own terms though.
c. If they want representation, they can have it. But only if they work for themselves.

9. Do you consider yourself conservative or liberal?

a. Liberal, I'm a bleeding heart sometimes
b. Ah...I'm more on the moderate side
c. Conservative through and through.

The results!

Mostly A's: You're a liberal, or Democrat!

You definitely fall on the liberal side of things and you're not afraid to shout it. You fight for people's rights and cast a wide net as far as money goes. You believe that people should have access to everything American has to offer. You're lax on things like immigration but believe that gun control should be re-evaluated.
Democrats often believe in liberal social and gender roles but more often than not they stick to party lines.

Mostly: B's, You're a moderate, probably leaning toward whichever party communicates your values more.

This is where I fall. I am technically a Conservative Democrat, someone who believes in rights for all, help for the needy but you remain fiscally conservative and forthright about people working hard for themselves.
This is commonly referred to as "Independent" voting. You identify with both parties and do not limit yourself based on party lines. You instead choose for yourself, and I think that's pretty rad. Not saying that the other two parties are mindless, but there is a bit of loyalty at stake.
It's honestly where most people fall, either Moderate Conservatives or Conservative Democrats. It just means you're not really playing to party lines and you make your own decisions.

Mostly C's: You're a conservative or, Republican.

You have very conservative leanings and believe that money should be allocated responsibly. You don't believe in government hand outs and you steadfastly believe in a lot of the core values regarding family and religion. Republicans get a bad rap for bigotry and ignorance, but some are trying to engage in bi-partisanship as of late.
If you're conservative you may have an issue with racial implications, gender roles and other fundamental values. It's just a pinnacle of the party. There are fundamental differences between staunch republicans and democrats.
Moderate for life
conservative. working hard so liberals don't have to since 2008
loves the progress