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Hey beautifuls! It's been a while since I posted. Things were getting busy and I didn't have a chance to get on and talk with everyone. I'll try to keep up when I have time. Since it's October, I was inspired to create hairstyle collection based on Disney Princesses. Follow along if you or a friend is planning to dress up as a Disney character this year.
From the cover image you can already tell my first choice is Anna from Disney's Frozen. She's a lively, active and curious character. In my opinion, Hair Romance did an amazing job designing a hairstyle that depicts Anna's personality. So, here you go! The Anna Criss Cross Braids.
PREP: Brush and detangle your hair before braiding.
1. Part hair into two section. 2. Take a section from the left, start creating a simple 3-strand braid. As soon as you reach the end, secure it with an elastic.
3. Repeat to the right side.
4. Criss cross the finished braids.
5-6. Being a new braid from the mid section and merge the braid.
7. Once you secure the braid, slightly loosen it to make it look fuller.
8-9. Repeat the same process to the right side.
This is so cute! @Karencorchado look awesome hair idea!!!
@PercyJackson will share that today! Follow the collection to keep up. I'll be posting one card!
What about Elsa's hairstyle?
@alywoah wow! That's so pretty. I'm gonna have to show it to Amiya
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