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Does anyone else has a grandma that pretty much people-proofs the entire house? I remember my abuela used to have plastic-covered furniture, but I think she's okay with having people sit on couches now.
Oh! And plastic bed coverings were THE WORSE. When I was a little girl, my mother had bought my sister and I new mattresses, and we were not allowed to take off the plastic coverings. Those 90-degree nights in Florida, on a plastic-covered bed, were a sweaty hell.
But, plastic-covered furniture has its use, right?
Like -- keeping liquids, dirt, and potential stains off. Too bad it keeps people off them, too.
not for me, but I know other people who's gramma's do that lol
LOL it's the worseeee. I kinda don't see the point ! @butterflyblu
Haha! I have an aunt that used to do this! Thank goodness she stopped.
@Danidee ...yes at one point lol. But that wasn't something that lasted very long lol!
Oh my god, my grandmother used to have plastic all over her couches too. I remember that even the plastic dust covers she used for her couches were super old, so the ends were kind of yellow and broken, and it actually kind of hurt to sit on them. Hahaha, did your abuelita have the 'special room' too? Like the room of the house that no one was allowed to play around in because it was just for show? That could be a my family thing, but I feel like every one of our houses had one.
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