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His name is Martin Shkreli, and he might be the reason you can’t get better. As the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, he acquired an anti-parasite medication called Daraprim and hiked up the price of the drug 5,500 percent. This potentially lifesaving drug was originally $13.50, and now you can purchase it for the low price of $750.

And this isn’t the first time

When he was the CEO at another Pharmaceutical company, he also bought the rights to a kidney medication and raised the price to more than 20 times its original cost. So this is just a typical practice for the millionaire.

So why is he called Pharma bro?

Well, the media did some digging (as they do) and discovered some personal details about this millionaire. The discovered his OkCupid account, his Twitter account, his love of Burberry polo shirts and the fact he emulates Flo Rida.
Shkreli also tends to respond to criticism of his business practices with rap lyrics by artists like Eminem or the Wu-Tang Clan.
The public sure took to those facts dubbing the dude “Pharama Bro” and making him one of America’s most disliked dudes.

Does he deserve the criticism for his business decision?

I think so.

Does he deserve the humiliation and taunts being called "Pharma Bro”?

I don’t think so. But the public seems to think otherwise.
sounds like a total ass. to take medicine and make it so expensive its unattainable makes you a giant dick
I mean...he doesn't have any moral compass and his style is like, 20 years old. hahahaha
@nicolejb Exactly. That's why this needs more public attention so the government can implement policies to prevent these kinds of malpractices.
Well, he certainly isn't a bro. And...welcome to the dark side of capitalism. It sucks but money always wins and the gap between the rich and the poor is going to get wider and wider.
This guy is a heartless dark triad personality type that is getting the negative karma he desires.
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