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Believe in yourself, and you will achieve your dreams. {MOTIVATION}
If you're tired of the struggle, tired of always putting in so much work for so little payoff... If you're running low on motivation, and need an inspirational boost to drive you to keep going...
then I highly recommend this video by Ben Lionel Scott, especially the first half. It put me back in touch with my ambitions, my dreams, and all I hope to achieve... it's a great reminder to never give less than your all.
If deep down you're hungry for success, and you want to unlock that power, then give it a watch and see how you feel.
I'm going to try giving this a watch before my next workout, and see how the extra motivation affects my performance. I'll let you guys know!

How do you stay motivated?

This one's my personal favorite haha
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Motivation comes for me by looking to the past, like...seeing the greats in my profession at the top of their game. Always reaching for something more than what's happening at the moment is a good indicator that you're motivated. Of course there are moments of doubt, and right now they're more frequent than moments of comfort, but that's okay. The world is full of that kind of thing, it's our job to move past that though...nothing is easy, but motivation sure helps.
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Great thoughts @TessStevens :) I agree, it's so important to never be complacent. Always be striving. That's how good people become great :)
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my motivations: 1. 2. (I recommend skipping 0:15-0:20 and don't google it for the faint of heart)
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