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[Sunday Morning. Sun is high in the sky. Conversation takes place on September 18th 2015 in a coffee shop simply named Coffee Shop]
I generally hate going to parties. Especially ones where you have to dress up, you know? But there I was, in a dress shirt with a blazer. And, you know, I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for her. I was, like, this relationship is sort of new, so I might as well give it a shot, so I did.
And I had this really weird experience. Like, I barely spent time with her at the party. A couple of people showed up last night -- sucks that you didn't though, man -- and I was just hanging out with them. But there were these weird moments every now and then-- No, no, nothing bad. I'm just not used to this.
I'm not used to looking across the room at someone I'm dating and seeing them smile at me. Even if we aren't talking. I'd be talking to someone and notice her over their shoulder and she'd notice me and, like, we had this really cool understanding. Like, we had a whole conversation in a smile and a wink. It was like, hey, I know, I'm having a good time too.
And then, when we left, I told her I loved her. I know, I know, it's kind of crazy. But when you know, you fucking know man. And I know how dumb that sounds but I feel it. Every time I get to see her, when she walks into the room it feels like I'm going to fall the fuck out of my chair. Or when I walk into a room she's in, I immediately look for her. And when we lock eyes, I can feel my heart start to race and I feel like I'm in fuckin' school again. God, I can't believe that I'm so lucky.
She's the Sun, you know. She gives everything life. And me? I'm a candle. And I'm trying my best to keep it together, you know? I don't want to melt, I'm trying to hold her warmth. Her light. You get what I'm saying? That's how I feel whenever I'm around her. At a party, at home, at a restaurant, it doesn't matter.
You get what I'm saying man?
don't worry you have a great way of thinking . im sure a sun is out there waiting just on the horizon. ive never written out and stories. but I have lot that pop thur my head every day. I do this alot when i'm bored. It's great that you put yours out there, cant wait to read more
I felt exactly what you were saying.
This is adorable, the way he talks about her. I think that it’s true when you can just look across a room and know. just like that. so cute <3
@JacquelineRexMy @mchlyang @nicolejb thanks so much guys but unfortunately for me this is a work of fiction. the last time i was someone's sun i burned out and became a black hole
I do. I certainly do. Hopefully, she thinks you're her sun too and that's love right there