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Aren't these just amazing?! I love them so much!! Especially that last cat... he looks like a giant fluffball O.O
Science conducted by Japanese researchers says that looking at pictures of kittens, puppies, and other cute animals can make you happier and more productive at work. So shouldn't paintings of them be like the old-fashioned version of that??
These watercolors are by Serbian painter Endre Penovac. Check out more of his awesome cats below!! (And really, you're doing yourself a favor by looking at them – it'll make you better at your job!)
Soooo fluffffyyyyy.
And bonus! Here are some adorable doggies, too!!
I don't know about you, but these little guys made my day! :DDD Who's your favorite?
stunning! awesome technique! thanks for sharing!
@allischaaff Wow. Stunning! I tried my hand at watercolors back in the day, but I was only ever proficient at sketching and scratch-art (reverse sketching...haha).
Anytime @JonPatrickHyde! :D I thought so too! It's really neat how he lets the watercolors slowly bleed into the paper over long time periods to achieve that fuzzy look. Very good for painting cats, I think! :D