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I'm not sure if I was tag in this or not but I have seen a lot of people do this and after seeing how Koop help you get out of things encourage me.
You know it's very hard living in a house with just one parent. My parents are divorced and it's hard not having a mom in my life. I barely get to see her. My dad is very strict and that has restricted my social behavior.
It's really hard for me to communicate with people in school. I'm scared that they might judge me. I have been bullied since I am small and don't talk that much. It was very hard for me. '
But then I saw my brother watching BTS Dope and I was really curious, i decided to check it out and since then it's been history. My reaction was just like the pictures. Kpop and Vimgle introduce a whole new outlet for me to express my feelings and to find new people who share my own intrests.
I'm so glad I found kpop and vingle has only strengthen my bond with it Some people say that boys can't be fans of kpop and that it is only for girls, but I beg to differ l, it is for anybody and everbody. I know I am still new to this app and kpop, but I'm hoping I will be able to make lots of new friends. Sorry for this being so long. Just wanted somebody to read a part of life and maybe relate to it. Okay I'm done now. Until next time. Bye-Bye
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@Exoexo I like V alot. He is just 2 much lol.
@JohnEvans Jin's my ultimate (because I mean look at him! So adorable!). But V's voice kills me!!
@Exoexo V is my ultimate bias simply because everything he does makes me faint even if it is wierd
@JohnEvans That's not weird at all! It's good to have something/someone you like a lot! I get a little too excited sometimes too! You'll see the next time a new music video drops and I'm fangirling level 100!
I just now saw this. Welcome to the family!! My parents are divorced as well, so I can completely understand the struggle. Here at Vingle, we all have common interests and that's supporting amazing music! ♡ Stay strong. There is always a rainbow after a storm!!