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Well the initial post that was done by @kpopandkimchi was eye opening and let us fellow vinglers and fangirls get to know her a little more give her a round of applause I was tagged by her and told to do the same and explain how Kpop has gotten me out of tough times.
I have had a really rough summer as well. I graduated university with my bachelor's in fashion deaign. I was really proud of everything my portfolio and well yeah but the point was upon graduating you have all these great expectations about being able to find a good paying job. Having the ability to be able to get your own place. But let's face it that's not always the case and I so happen to be one of those people. I eventually moved back home. I went back to my antisocial life became very depressed. I found myself sleeping all day and crying all night. I felt miserable because here is was supposed to be able to help my family but instead I moved back in and had to be taken care of once again. Eventually I realized something on the worst of days I would turn on kpop music and find myself laughing and being all happy. Then I came across an app promotion on my fbook about kpop on Vingle and I was like ooh cool. I downloaded it and found myself scrolling down through all the cards and reading each one and being able to relate and make friends and laugh. I have friends who love kpop but we're growing up and priorities change so most of us listen to it in our free time on our way to work on our way to school but finding time to be able to say omg kpop can't really fit into our schedule because we would probably go know about it for days. With my fellow vinglers there isn't that it's about sitting down writing a post. commenting on one and just having a honest real conversation about it. I eventually found a paid internship I mean it's something rather than nothing. I managed to get out of my depression thanks to some very powerful songs that I will list below. The tears have subsided the sleeping has gone to a regular scheduling and the kpop is as strong as ever in my life.
BigBang- Loser made me feel that even though I may feel like on its alright because at one point we all go through times were we seem to be our own enemy.
UKISS - Someday the lyrics all in all are the things that I wish someone would say to me and even if they weren't if just could at least hear this song then it would make me smile. because you get some right you get some wrong...
BTS - No more dreams BTS - n.o do I really have to explain why these songs make you be able to take all your raw emotions out with the spit of our lyrics and that's what makes these two songs my fight songs
2n31 - I am the best because on the worst possible days I would get myself up and just say hello your the best Dance baby dance.
CNBLUE - Can't Stop this song made me happy beyond explainable words like I would find myself living all those emotions that they showed in the video with them and when music makes you feel that it's strong it's so surreal.
Got7 -Just Right You can’t find a flaw that doesn’t even exist You shine so brightly, so perfect in every way To me you’re so beautiful I want you Just the way you are, you’re the only one (Do I even need to say more)
All in all these are just a few of my favorite songs that got me through a hard time if I could put my entire Playlist this card would be filled with way too many YouTube videos to count haha. this has been fellow Fangirl Yvonjerzak and remember stay beautiful keep smiling and someday we will get everything right thanks @kpopandkimchi for making me post this your amazing as always.
Awesome to hear about the internship!! I have so many friends still struggling to find a job and its really really hard :( im so happy you found kpop to get you through it and I am SO happy you found vingle cause youre so fun to have around!! wooooo!!!
@kpopandkimchi thanks honestly I've had amazing opportunities thrown my way I recently got to interview with a top dog company didn't get it but as a recent grad and being able to have that opportunity I was just honored. finding a job is hard but living life everyday b is harder I'm just happy I got out of that really depressing state of mind and that kpop has been that shoulder to cry on for me
Congrats on the internship! I love each of those songs and they're probably on my most played list too. I'm glad that you can be so open with all of us on here😄