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I always loved kpop it's part of me . I have depression and all the Not so fun stuff that comes with it . l have anxiety and panic attacks and unhappy thoughts...those kind...
last November my mom died and at the same time I lost my best friend, my whole world died and I shut down I blamed my self. ..
beat myself up all the time, got angry for no reason, stopped talking for days, no sleep, I'd even laugh and start balling. I probably filled the Han river with all those tears.
I just listened to my music, my kpop, my sad ballads they got out my feelings And I'd cry . some days I'd feel like if I wasn't here she would be. ...even now typing this thought I'm crying. ..
life felt like a truth or dare game don't move or dare to go through the motions
then I found this wonderful app and I found people that make me laugh as much as I cry. even though I don't voice my issues like I should I can put some here or something I want to share with everyone .
Some times I wanna hide And I disappear and people come looking for me like @kpopandkimchi and make me do these crazy challenges And I smile cause I know it's some thing I need to get better.
So that being said kpop helped me get through loss and helped me gain friends who I can't live without
friends that when I'm like this (zico) they're like po,b-bomb and ukwon .and they make me laugh
So now almost always I look like this with out kpop I wouldn't have the 3 most important things in a girl's like great friends, good music and hot guys. ...yea I'm feeling pretty good right now
I'm so happy that kpop has made such a difference in your life! You're never alone! You can always talk to us! 😊
I'm so sorry about your mom. Its hard losing a parent. I lost my dad at 8 years old. Even though its hard, we have to move on. I also have depression, and the things you've mentioned. Its been hard for me but I've improved a lot. If you ever need to talk to someone for anything. you can come talk to me~ I know how hard it is when you want to be heard but not many will listen ^^ I'm so glad kpop has helped. it has also helped me too
Yay! I'm so happy for you😊I'm here anytime you want to rant about Block B ✌ they are my life😂... Have you listened to Park Kyung new solo?