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Want to spice up some boring glasses in your home or apartment? Check this tutorial out. This project will easily transform your boring glasses into pieces of art that give off a little bit of flair. This DIY tutorial comes from the great people at Vicky Barone.


For this project, you will need:
-- Glassware
-- Rubbing alcohol
-- Sponge brush
-- Painter's tape
-- Frost glass paint (the people from this tutorial used Martha Stewart Craft’s Translucent Frost Glass Paint)
This project is incredibly simple. Make sure the glassware is clean using a paper towel and the rubbing alcohol. Then use the painter's tape to create a design on the glassware. Next, use the glass paint to paint the design onto the glassware. Let the glass paint completely dry and then paint a second coat. Let that coat of paint completely dry. Then peel off the painter's tape.

Enjoy your artsy glassware!

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This is amazing, I can't wait to try