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Ugh! Okay, so as usual, I'm doing these in bunches, I'm so sorry, it's just really hard to sit down and get these out. Actually, it's because I usually am on my phone with the Vingle app, but for gifs, I always have to do my new posts/cards on the computer, since my phone doesn't support gif files. T.T
Anyway, here goes, please enjoy!

Day 20: Which one of the members would be your best friend?

Well, honestly, I think several of them would be my best friend! I'll say why for each.
Ken: So, I think that Ken would be an awesome best friend, because we'd get into all sorts of shenanigans together! He's so goofy, and I'd be right there with him, being all hilarious, awkward, and acting like a third wheel.
Hongbin: So Hongbin and I have a similar hobby: photography. We both really love photography, and taking pictures of not only other people, but nature. He and I would hang out and go on strolls to parks or nature centers where our creative spirits could be free and have lots of fun!
Hyuk: Just because he's the youngest doesn't mean he's not one of the best! Lately Hyuk has been growing on me a lot, and I think he'd be make an awesome best friend because he's so cute, we'd get away with all sorts of stuff that Ken couldn't get away with!

Day 21: Which member would be like an older brother?

Honestly, the other three! See, I've never had an older brother, but I had a sister that tried to pretend she was a mother, a sister, and a brother, all rolled up in one, so I got the complete package. Lol. Anyway, here's why I think the others would be my brothers more than best friends.
N: I know N is the oldest, but that has nothing to do with why I think he'd be a great older brother. He really looks out for other people and as the leader, he's constantly thinking about how others can be safe and do their best. He'd be like a guardian.
Ravi: Ravi is the one who always encourages everyone. With Ravi, I really think he'd be the brother that would encourage me to pursue my dream of music. I'm talented, well, I can be when I practice and stick to it, but I tend to give up pretty quickly. If Ravi was my older brother, he'd never let me give up. Plus, I'm a writer, so I could help him with his ideas and lyrics!
Leo: I think that Leo would also be an excellent older brother, because he's such a hard worker, and he's so shy, but I think he'd be ruthless with me. Where Ravi would encourage me, Leo would force me to go back to the studio and practice and get better. He'd kick my butt, or smack me in the head and reprimand me for being lazy, and how you only got anywhere by being a hard worker.

Day 22: Which dance is your favorite?

Okay, so this one took me a bit to realize. See, I went ahead and decided that in order to make a good, calculated decision, I'd have to watch all their MV's and their dances all together or simultaneously so I could make an educated answer. However, it became apparent very quickly that my efforts were in vain, because as soon as I saw Voodoo Doll I was like, "Of course that's my favorite dance!" There was absolutely no question or any need to do more research. I guess Voodoo Doll has a special place in my heart because it was my first VIXX song, my first VIXX MV, and the first KPOP dance that I wanted to learn. Lol.

Day 23: Rank your Favorite Outfits

Okay, so this one DID require research. I went ahead and got a picture of all of their outfits side by side from the different eras, even adding in a few extras like "Because it's Christmas" and "Girls, Why?". So here's my thoughts on their outfits. Oh, btw, I tend to prefer casual clothes to business or suits, so that's why they are ranked the way they are.
1. Girls, Why?
2. G.R.8.U
3. Rock Ur Body
4. Because it's Christmas
5. Love Equation
6. Only U
7. Voodoo Doll
8. Hyde
9. On and On
10. Error
11. Eternity
12. Super Hero

Day 24: Favorite Fandom Joke?

Okay, so before this challenge, I didn't know what a fandom joke was. So I had to do research, and I found a list of fandom jokes (I think) done by a blogger on tumblr. So, I'm basing this answer off of that blog. If you can point me in a direction to where I can find out more, I'm all ears!
My favorite fandom joke is: Artwork Hongbin!
Alright, that's all for today! Thanks for reading guys! I'll try to update more often, but, you know, life kinda gets in the way. LOL.